Q: Can I customize a piece of jewelry

A: Absolutely! We love to create one-of-a-kind, personalized jewellery. Get in touch and we can discuss details. Options include; metal stamping & personalized messages.

If you are looking for a different size ring or length of chain, this can be customized for no additional charge. email info@jenellisdesigns.com if you have a specific question. 

Q: How do I clean my jewelry? 

A: Sterling silver metal will tarnish over time. If you can, place your jewellery in an air-tight bag when you are not wearing it.

If you don't already have one, you should purchase a soft polishing cloth. email me for information on where to purchase one. This is an easy way to maintain the shine on your pieces.

The best way to clean your jewelry is to place the pieces in a bowl lined with tin foil (shiny side up). Sprinkle 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda over all of the pieces. Then add a drizzle of dish soap over all of the pieces. Boil water and fill to just above the product line. Leave fior 3-5 minutes. Agitate the pieces if you are cleaning chain. Rinse throughly and ta-da!! Repeat if necessary. Only use this method if you are cleaning solid sterling silver or 14k gold fill. Not recommended if you are cleaning pearls or any other semi-precious stone.


Q: What exactly does 14k Gold Fill mean?

A:  Gold fill is made by bonding a layer of 14k gold to brass. This layer of gold is much thicker and stronger than a mere plating. The piece will last as gold for up to 40 years of wear. The only metal you see and touch is gold which makes this a great option for those who suffer from metal allergies. The gold is non-reactive, hypoallergenic, and will not change colour. (Like sterling silver, over time tarnishing can occur. See the method above to clean your pieces. A soft, polishing cloth is an easy way to maintain a beautiful shine). 


Q: Where do you sell your jewelry?

Q: Do you offer wholesale? 

A: There are over 30 locations throughout Canada that carry jen ellis designs. Please check out our Stockist page to find the closest location. 

A: Yes we do! Email: rhea@bellaflor.ca for our current line sheets and information